Data is critical to health care research and innovation and making the most of data requires the linkage of disparate data sources. Data linkage is used to ‘join up’ or link together records that belong to the same person.

Organisations who undertake data linkage need software that is reliable, accurate, secure, scalable and fast. They also need software that can cope with complexity of on-going, operational data linkage.

LinXmart is secure, fast and scalable data linkage software, with sophisticated data management features that handle growing datasets and dynamic linkages over time. The LinXmart system is designed to extract the maximum amount of discrimination from the available identifying information. The system has been designed from the ground up to manage the growth of increasingly complex and dynamic linked datasets. 



Superior linkage quality (precision and recall) when benchmarked against competitors.


Manages on-going linkage of data collections over time, without the need to re-link at intervals.


Effectively manages a large number of linkages and extractions across multiple projects.


Stores data safely and securely, with advanced permission management and access control.


Linkage data can be loaded, processed and linked using privacy-preserving techniques such as Bloom filters.


Provides detailed breakdowns of linkage results and quality analysis



“The Queensland Government Statistician’s Office uses LinXmart for our more complex probabilistic data linkage projects. Anna, Adrian and team are always quick to respond when we have issues or queries, and welcome feedback and suggestions for improvements.”
Karen Cosgrove, Principal Statistician, Queensland Government Statistician’s Office, Queensland Treasury

“We realised that data linkage was the cornerstone of many aspects of population data research and to this extent, SeRP needed a product that could support probabilistic and deterministic linkage approaches. LinXmart was evaluated by our team and it was found to be the product that addressed our needs the best.” 
Simon Thompson, Chief Technical Officer at SeRP

Curtin Data Linkage (CDL) provides state-of-the-art products and services that are secure, fast and scalable, with data management functionality to help clients and collaborators manage growing datasets and the complexity of dynamic linkages over time. This service has been built around an internationally recognised and inspired collaborative team providing cost-effective and reliable services, providing high-quality linked research information for government and researchers, exploring opportunities for research and development. We operate within an ISO 27001 certified information security management system.

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