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LinXmart is secure, fast and scalable data linkage software, with a sophisticated data management functionality that can manage growing datasets with dynamic linkages over time. The LinXmart system is designed to extract the maximum amount of discrimination from the available identifying information. The system has been designed from the ground up to manage the growth of increasingly complex and dynamic linked datasets. 

Curtin Data Linkage (CDL) uses the LinXmart software developed at Curtin University to perform data linkage.The software uses a variety of advanced matching methods to determine if records in different data collections belong to the same person. The software takes into account missing information and errors in data (e.g. typographical errors) and produces highly accurate match results. 


LinXmart is a state-of-the-art Data Linkage appliance that is secure, fast and scalable, and with data management functionality that can help clients and collaborators to manage growing datasets with dynamic linkages over time.

The core system includes functionality that:

on-going linkage of a data collection over time, without having to re-link at intervals

effectively manages a large number of linkages and extractions

stores results safely and securely

manages amended and deleted records as an enduring system

requires minimal management and operational costs

handles diverse researcher and data custodian needs, such as a researcher wishing to link their own data, or data custodians imposing restrictions on linkage.

loads, processes and links privacy-preserved (Bloom filtered) data

Privacy Preserving Record Linkage

Privacy Preserving Record Linkage techniques have been included into the data matching module currently available in LinXmart. This privacy matching will operate on encrypted information and will not require release of personal identifiers. A particular challenge in the adoption of privacy preserving methods is to achieve or maintain high linkage accuracy while information content is degraded.

Envelope Builder

To use Bloom filters for encrypted record linkage, the personal identifiers need to be encrypted prior to release by data custodians. As this process is technically complicated, data custodians require software that would enable them to encrypt the records. This software may provide some standardisation and validation of matching fields, as well as calculation of the comparison weights.

System Overview

Linkage Appliance compatible with SQL Server database – Version which is Windows based (running Microsoft .NET applications), with a SQL server database. Industry standards and best practices have been adopted to ensure the system’s continuity, ongoing maintenance, and future development, can easily be supported by corporate IT functions or industry service providers.  

Integration capabilities and interface specifications (API) – includes a single web service with basic methods for uploading and downloading data to the core system plus the ability to query progress.

Matching module which offers capability for linkage to a ‘data spine’ – ability to specify a project which uses “spine” linkage (where a single event type is used to represent an authoritative dataset or reference file).

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Curtin Data Linkage (CDL) provides state-of-the-art products and services that are secure, fast and scalable, with data management functionality that can help clients and collaborators to manage growing datasets and complexity dynamic linkages over time. This service has been built around an internationally recognised and inspired collaborative team providing cost-effective and reliable services, providing high-quality linked research information for government and researchers, exploring opportunities for research and development.

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